Dog Training

Pacific Paw provides the highest quality dog training classes in Santa Cruz, CA. We offer a variety of services that will address the needs of all our clients furry family members. You will learn valuable skills in how to work with your dog using positive, kind and effective methods. We will be using training grounded in science with rewards based methods. To provide ultimate convenience, we will also come to your house and we will work one on one to find solutions and create a plan together.

Training sessions are currently offered Saturdays 9-4pm and Monday -Thursday evenings.

Initial Consultations: $100

  • 1.5 Hours

Follow-Up Sessions: $85

  • 1 Hour

Puppy Preparedness Package- $150

  • Did you recently adopt a puppy? Are you looking to get your pup started off on the right paw? Together, let’s tackle some of those puppy problems (crate training, mouthing, jumping, house training ect) while setting your puppy up to successfully navigate the world through clear communication and guidance. This package includes two sessions (one 1.5 hour session and a follow up 50 minute session).

Basic Obedience/Polite Greetings Package $270

  • During your consultation, we will go over previous training history, goals and develop a management and training plan to meet the skill and life needs of you and your dog. These sessions will help establish a routine for a newly adopted dog or identify and improve newly changed behavior. Concepts include sit, stay, crate training, jumping and leave it. Follow up sessions may be necessary.
  • This package includes an initial consultation (1.5 hour) plus two follow up sessions (1 hour each).

Loose Leash Walking Skills $525

  • Do you want to enjoy going on walks with your dog? Does there seem to be a break down in communication causing excess leash pulling, stalling or excessive sniffing? I will provide you with the tools to motivate your dog to walk with you in a way that encourages collaboration and reduces frustration for both you and your dog. We will likely be suggesting either a martingale, front clip harness or Gentle Leader to manage the pulling while teaching you methods that encourage and motivate your dog to walk with you.
  • This package includes an initial consultation (1.5 hour) plus five follow up sessions (1 hour each).

Reactivity Lite $525

  • Does your dog enjoy dog parks, doggy daycare or other social activities with other dogs but struggle when greeting them on leash? Does your dog seem frustrated on leash? Do they bark and lunge when seeing dogs on leash? If so, your dog may be experiencing leash frustration, may struggle with impulse control or feel conflicted about their emotions when leashed. We can provide you with the tools needed to work with your dog through these situations. Our approach relies heavily on Counter Conditioning (changing the way your dog feels when they see another dog while leashed) and Operant Conditioning (Alternative behaviors your dog can offer that are incompatible with barking and lunging). The goal is to reduce your dog’s arousal level on walks and to supply you with the tools needed to work through situations that are challenging for you and your dog. This will require a commitment on your part to work with your dog daily but you’ll be doing so with a plan in place.
  • This package includes an initial consultation (1.5 hour) plus five follow up sessions (1 hour each). Depending on the intensity of the reactivity, there may be a need for more sessions.